Akha Coffee

Akha coffee comes from the northern region of Thailand (Chiang Rai) which was started by a women named Amporn from the Akha Hill tribe. The Akha people are a nomadic people through the hills of SE Asia. Most Akha people do not have Thia citizenship due to their lack of education. This limits many of the job opportunities they can apply for. Poor healthcare and living conditions is also very common among them. Their way of living is mainly through farming the land that they rent or have been given. Due to their poverty level, they have been a main target for child trafficking and slavery. Often times they go to the big city in hope of education and to send money back to their family.

Akha coffee is about both empowerment and supporting the well being of the Akha hill tribe. They employ many Akha people helping to support their families. They also work with Rescue Mission for Children, a community house for children who help educate and provide basic living needs and healthcare for these children. Through these efforts, the quality of life and hope of a bright future is possible for the Akha people and their families.

Rescue Mission for Children’s mission is to provide programs and services to children in danger of Sex Slavery.

– Training and mobilizing 100’s of stateless children, to fight against slavery, including the cruelest of all Slavery “Child Sex Slavery”

For more information: www.rescuemissionforchildren.org and www.akha-coffee.com

Akha Coffee can be bought through paypal on the main page for a suggested price of $10 for 10 oz bag, with any additional funds going to support the Davis Family and our ministry. (please note “Akha Coffee” w/ payment)
*Akha Coffee donates 10% from each sales to Rescue Mission for Children.







– Rescue Mission with kids

-Akha Family packaging wheat

-Medical treatment for Akha children in village