Leaving in almost One Week!

It has been an exciting time as we are finishing our preparations to leave on July 23rd.  Andrew has been working at Agape Physical Therapy the last few weeks and will continue until our last day in the states. Sarah has been visiting family in Ohio with Elliot before the long journey. We want to thank everyone for their prayers and support for our training and outreach. We have had some difficulties and obstacles along the way but are continuing to push through. Thanks to many generous partners $3,000 has been given towards our trip for a total of $6,000 of our goal of $12,000. We will continue to  keep you informed of our prayer needs. At this time we have been praying for: good travels on the 18 hr flight, safety, good health, to be flexible, patient,  and for Gods direction and impact in our lives as well as those around us.  We still do not know where our outreach will be but we are supposed to discuss it after arriving in NZ.  We will give updates with pictures every few weeks on Facebook and via emails. This is also the best way to stay in touch.


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