Summer 2012

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Returning Home


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Outreach Update

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3 Weeks into our Training Program!

Kia ora family and friends!

July 23rd we left Washington DC airport, crossed the international dateline, and arrived in Auckland on July 25th. Our flight and travels got a little sticky but we made it and so did all of our luggage- 2 days later. Elliot didn’t have any difficulty adjusting to the time difference. He has been so busy exploring his surroundings, it seems we are just tagging along.

We first spent a week with the Murdochs, family friends, in Auckland. It was so nice to enjoy Kiwi hospitality with some close friends before starting our training program.

This week is our fourth week now in the Marine Reach training school. Our training group of 12 has come from California, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iowa, Maryland and South Africa. The medical training for Andrew started the first week here at Marine Reach. He has been studying oral health education and optometry as it applies to remote areas. Next, he will move into wound care. Sarah is currently working on a community action project for human trafficking.

Recently, Leah (Sarah’s sister) has returned to the States and our childcare situation is a little up in air. A friend and staff member of Marine Reach has been helping watch Elliot in the mornings during classes for the past week. Fortunately, our courses alternate in the afternoon so that we only need childcare in the mornings.

In our spare time we’ve been hiking regularly. Sarah’s learned how to make sushi rolls, Elliot’s been gathering oranges from a small orchard behind the base, and Andrew’s been eating Kiwi fruit, of course. We are still in prayer about our outreach location, but will keep everyone informed!

Leaving in almost One Week!

It has been an exciting time as we are finishing our preparations to leave on July 23rd.  Andrew has been working at Agape Physical Therapy the last few weeks and will continue until our last day in the states. Sarah has been visiting family in Ohio with Elliot before the long journey. We want to thank everyone for their prayers and support for our training and outreach. We have had some difficulties and obstacles along the way but are continuing to push through. Thanks to many generous partners $3,000 has been given towards our trip for a total of $6,000 of our goal of $12,000. We will continue to  keep you informed of our prayer needs. At this time we have been praying for: good travels on the 18 hr flight, safety, good health, to be flexible, patient,  and for Gods direction and impact in our lives as well as those around us.  We still do not know where our outreach will be but we are supposed to discuss it after arriving in NZ.  We will give updates with pictures every few weeks on Facebook and via emails. This is also the best way to stay in touch.


Goals & Prayers for our Trip

1. Grow as a family- the past 2 yrs have been super busy for us, so just for Me, Sarah and Elliot to spend time together.
2. Grow closer to God- again, we have been so busy and are looking to grow closer to God in this time.
3. Training-  We have both been on many missions trips but we want to be fully equipped for more than an occasional work.
4. Medical Training- Recently graduating as a PT assistant, Andrew desires to do medical work in 3rd world countries.
5. To be a part of a bigger work- Through the dts we become a part of YWAM. With the many locations and opportunities that they have, we hope to see where we fit within what God is doing.

Spring Newsleter

Our past few years have been filled with much excitement. Our trip to New Zealand and the birth of our son Elliot are a few; now we anticipate graduation (Sarah from GMU with her Master’s in Education & Andrew from his Physical Therapist Assistant program). Our involvement in both local (Inner cities of Baltimore, D.C., Dayton) and overseas (China, Haiti) outreach is at the core of who we are as a family. We now desire to further our professional training in healthcare and education through Youth with a Mission (YWAM). We both consider YWAM’s Marine Reach an ideal avenue to serve poor and disadvantaged communities while learning and growing as professionals and individuals.
Marine Reach, a maritime ministry, provides free medical care to those who have limited access to it in isolated coastal communities of South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. They offer a discipleship training school (DTS) which serves as the starting point into YWAM. The school is approximately 5 months; 3 months of lecture and 2 months outreach in South East Asia or the Pacific Islands. YWAM has over 1000 operating locations worldwide but the base in Tauranga, New Zealand will best suite our purpose for training and service. The DTS starts August 1, 2011, and will cost a combined total of $12,000 USD. This includes airfare, travel, childcare, classes, outreach, room and board for our entire family. We are planning to contribute $3,000 of our own funds toward this training. We invite you to partner with our family in this endeavor. Thank you so much for your continual friendship, prayers, and encouragement. We will be in touch and keep you informed with our current projects and future plans.

Our site

Thanks for checking out our site! Over the next few months we hope to post more info about who we are as a family, our training in NZ, and what we are planning to do next. We will also post our newsletters for easy access here too. We are facebook as well for fun chatting and past pics. We will be posting pics once we arrive in NZ.

Here is the invitation to Elliot’s first Birthday Party! Please come and join us.

Check out Ywam

Go to or to see more. We are in the process of preparing to do a DTS in Tauranga, NZ in August 2011. Yeah!!!